Mrs Susan M

A lady with alopecia for many years
is pleased to share her experience of INVISABLEND

I discovered invisablend during online research into options available to people with alopecia . I had tried a traditional wig and found that option did not work for me. It felt unnatural and my perception was it was obvious I had a wig on.

I also tried a clip on hair piece and whilst I did feel that had a more natural look it covered my own thinning hair and left my scalp underneath dry and itchy. Also my head was hot at times. Like wearing a hat permanently.

Invisablend looked like the option for me a way of covering my hair thinning and bald patches whilst using my own hair and letting my scalp breathe.

Ros guided me through several consultations and I felt confident this system was what I was looking for. When Ros fitted my hair I was very pleased with it. It feels lightweight and natural and very secure.

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