Exclusive Business Opportunity

Achieve many thousands in increased revenue with your existing clients by offering the most sought after skin tightening and anti ageing treatment, suitable for men and women of all ages

Welcome to our exclusive HIFU sales opportunity, where you can achieve incredible sales results just by following our simple steps. HIFU is a revolutionary and highly sought-after skin tightening and anti-ageing treatment for both men and women. With our exclusive ULTRAHIFU package, we are giving you the rare opportunity to increase your salon revenue by £30,000-£90,000 just within the first year!

We have seen offering HIFU treatments has made such a difference to our business we have  developed a package we are now offering to other salons, we will provide the relevant tools and knowledge to provide your client base with a professional and full HIFU treatment. Win them over with your knowledge on this treatment, provided by us!

Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Sales
Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Sales
Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Sales
Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic

The Treatment

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a highly revolutionary alternative to a surgical cosmetic face lift. HIFU is an incredibly effective alternative to this procedure, using ultrasound light to lift and shape the face, working to regenerate collagen layer within the skin, these new collagen bonds are shorter and tighter this gives a firming and tightening effect This procedure results in a youthful appearance and leaves each client confident and glowing.

HIFU is a non-invasive treatment that allows clients to receive the same results that others will experience from surgical treatments in a safe and stress-free way with no after effects or downtime. HIFU treatments are perfect for both men and women both young and more mature clients allowing you to create an inclusive treatment that appeals to everyone.

Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Treatment
Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Treatment
Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Sales

Guaranteed Advantages

HIFU is a one-hour treatment that provides amazing results.

Your clients will see incredible results just from one treatment, with effects continuing to improve over 4-6 weeks following initial treatment.  Clients look younger and brighter immediately, there is no pain, bruising or downtime and treatment can be repeated every 6-9 months.

Requirement for training staff is simply they must have a Level 2 qualification, so your more junior members of staff can perform this one hour highly lucrative treatment for you once trained.

Prices for HIFU treatments differs across the UK, ranging  £400-£1000 per treatment, and as  a thriving business owner, you will understand your client base a lot more than we do. This means that you can charge whatever you feel best suits your client base.

Even using £200 as a base price you can expect to see a large increase in profits.

 No matter the size of your client base, you will guarantee to see a boost in revenue once you introduce this new treatment

We will only offer this package to one business in each area and will provide a full marketing pack for you to advertise, giving you an exclusive opportunity to gain new customers for this and all your treatments  

Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Sales
Above illustration reflects staff time @ £10 per hour, replacement cartridges and marketing pack after 150 treatments
Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Sales
Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Sales
Rose Lane Rejuvenation Clinic HIFU Sales

The Package

Our ULTRAHIFU exclusive package contains everything you need to get your new treatment up and running, including an extensive training course for 2 staff, equipment, marketing materials including leaflets and posters, full support and a 12-month guarantee.

Package contains latest technology  HIFU Smart machine, along with 3 treatment heads for different areas, treatment gel, post treatment skin care, posters and a carry case to cart it all around!

Alongside all equipment and amenities, we supply full  accredited training for the treatment to 2 staff in your location , deliver your treatment package to you and assist you throughout the entire process. We want you to be able to deliver the perfect treatment to your clients, so we guide you through the whole process.

A Worth While Investment  

Our entire ULTRAHIFU package costs £6995 for all training, equipment, marketing materials and ongoing support

The potential is immense, packages for full face, neck and décolletage can be offered, special packages for occasions, Mothers day, Christmas, Wedding season to name a few. We will discuss all the ways you can maximise the potential of ULTRAHIFU Package

We have made the decision to close today in line with government advice during Coronavirus pandemic. We will be in the office 10-2 until Friday for any queries or problems (05157227772) and available on email; info@roselaneclinic.co.uk anytime. We hope to be open soon and will be in touch when its safe and sensible to reopen. Take care until then and stay safe. Michele & team X